Family Build Day – Aug. 2023

Laying down a green foundation

At Habitat, we’re thrilled to introduce an exciting new initiative – the Family and Community Build Day, designed to unite our partner families in a shared mission. With this unique approach, each partner family takes charge of assembling a dedicated crew to actively participate in construction projects and community events. This is one of the ways that our families and volunteers can build up our community, come together to make a difference and be of service to other people. They also earn a heck of a lot of ‘sweat-equity’ hours by inviting their friends and family to show up and get their hands dirty.

Jensen was the first partner family to embark on this community endeavor. She recruited friends, family, and some of the other partner families to participate in this event. Commenting on the unity she felt, Jensen said, “I loved getting to know the families more, and them getting to know me more—and it’s only the beginning of this journey!”

Sara, who is also a current partner family, said, “It was so much fun to work with everyone and see a home so close to completion. It was motivating and rewarding. I am excited for the next one!”

Part of the Family build project is for the assigned partner family to beat-the-street and ask other organizations to support our effort on these days. Jensen dusted off her outreach skills and scored KFC for her crew!

These pictures give us a tale of how people work together to lay sod for our families. We witness more than just the physical transformation of yard; we witness the power of human connection and the beauty of a shared purpose. As the lush green sod (hopefully 🙏) takes root, so does the sense of belonging that these volunteers and families have cultivated.


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