2023 Multicultural Fair

Volunteering at the Multicultural Fair in Great Falls

The Great Fall’s Multicultural fair was an amazing opportunity for volunteerism! Even though it was hot as heck, the volunteer crew set up road blocks, tables, tents and booths for the various food vendors. I met a couple fellow volunteers from Legacy Title (Amber and Shawna) and I learned a lot about Escrow services!

Not long into the afternoon, the smell of diverse culinary aromas filled the streets of Great Falls. Over 20 countries were represented in the fair and 15 of them were serving food (Hawaii was sadly unable to make it). Pro tip: If you don’t want to wait in line, come right at 5PM next year! By 6 or so, the lines were about 30 minutes long!

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and feel that sense of community which makes our area so great! I look forward to volunteering again next year! Hopefully the weather will be more forgiving 🙂


Immersive Visuals

Brazil and Columbia definitely stepped up their game with decorations and fun informational goodies about their food culture.

Unique Combo

I heard from quite a few folks that the fried shrimp and vegetable patties from the Guam booth were exceptional!

Table Displays

A lot of vendors had unique items from their country and India brought some really cool elephant figurines and beaded artwork!

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